Midland Funding, LLC Lawsuit Defense in Houston Texas

The attorneys at Johnson & Bryan will fight Midland Funding and force them to prove their credit card lawsuits. Remember…it was Midland Funding who filed a lawsuit, and the burden is on this debt buyer to prove its case.

Ultimately, Johnson & Bryan will either force Midland Funding to dismiss the lawsuit due to lack of evidence, or negotiate a settlement of the credit card account at a substantially reduced amount.

If You Do Not Respond to the Lawsuit

Debt buyers file these credit card lawsuits in hopes you do not respond, so they can obtain a default judgment. With this default judgment, the debt purchaser can attempt to garnish (i.e., deplete) your bank accounts and/or place a lien on your home. Additionally, Midland Funding can have police officers come to your home and sell non-exempt assets such as TVs, equipment and miscellaneous recreational items.

If you have been sued by Midland Funding, please contact Johnson & Bryan immediately.